Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Spy Who Flattered Me

So, overall it has been a pretty uneventful day.  Nothing too extraordinary happened, and I honestly thought today was going to be the day I had nothing to say.  I offer my most sincere apologies, but as it turns out  today is not that day.  I was a little shocked that 8:00 rolled around and I still had yet to post any new entries to my precious blog, but decided it must not be meant to be.  I usually wait on God to give me a heads up on what to say, but as of thirty minutes ago I had received nothing.  "Well, God - I guess You don't have anything in particular You want me to mention today," I sleepily thought as I headed towards my bed.  A little disappointed, but also a little relieved, I pulled my glamour mask over my head and shut out the light.  Less than five minutes after my head met favorite pillow number one, I remembered the spy who flattered me....

Earlier in the evening, Ashton (my son) and I went out back to ride our bikes and give Lucy Liu (our puppy) some exercise.  After a few minutes of riding back and forth, Lucy apparently got bored with chasing me and she boldy ventured off in the opposite direction.  Just as I was about to firmly command her to return, she met the warm embrace of a friendly stranger, and with her tail wagging and tongue slobbering, it was evident that she made a new friend.  Though the thought of leaving the one pup poop production company behind definitely crossed my mind, I opted for what was right and walked to retrieve her.  "C'mon, Lucy Liu, let's go and get down!" I yelled firmly when she started to jump all over her new friend.  Clearly her young puppy ears haven't started working yet because she completely ignored me and continued to hop and leap all over him.  Well, naturally this engaged the two of us in conversation. 

As we talked, it occurred to me that he may be flirting with me.  Afterall, I wasn't wearing my wedding ring at the time and I certainly don't consider myself to be unattractive.  I'm not planning any upcoming photo shoots, but hey - I'm not too shabby!  Well, after talking for several minutes we exchanged names and I decided it was time to let "Eddie" know that I am a happily married woman, which wasn't hard because he specifically asked about my boyfriend/husband.  I quickly informed him that Sam is my husband and we began talking about him.  He asked questions about Sam's work and then relayed to me his own work history.  Well, it turns out that Eddie isn't currently working, but has a pretty good amount of experience in the same line of work as Sam.  Ahhh....things were becoming clear to me.  Though I had previously been concerned he may be flirting, I quickly realized he wasn't interested in me; he was interested in my husband!
Prior to making this discovery I had the heavily accentuated English accent of Austin Powers going through my head with phrases like "yeah, baby....I still got it," while I concluded that my mojo must be off the chain (is that how the younger generation would put it, or am I still completely off?). Now, don't misunderstand - I was never acting or thinking inappropriately; I simply let myself be flattered by kind words from a stranger.  I love my husband with all of my heart and he loves me, but who doesn't like to be flattered, right? 

Well, as we said our good-byes, I laughed and realized what really happened.  Earlier in the day I asked God to lead me to someone who needed to be blessed.  "Use me to be a blessing to someone else today, God" is similar to what I said.  Well, the spy who flattered me needs work and I have a husband who can possibly connect him to an opportunity.  Though I use humor and silliness about him being a spy (which he kind of was because he already knew where Sam worked), I also want to emphasize the importance of talking to strangers.  If you ask God to lead you to bless someone or help someone, you can't ignore people you don't know or else you may miss out on being the blessing you've asked to be.  I didn't initially want to get engaged in a conversation with him, not because I cared to talk to a stranger, but because I didn't want to take a break from my bike ride.  Well, I'm here to tell you - take the breaks, be interruptable, and talk to everyone.  I now know that I had absolutely no reason to be flattered, but that's not why God sent my puppy chasing after him.  I was there to find out about him, his situation, and the need he currently has.  I asked God to lead me to someone in need and He did.  I don't know if Sam will be able to do anything for Eddie, but I know that when Sam got home from work tonight he and I discussed what, if anything, he could do for him.  I also know that God will take it from there. 
Good night everyone!

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  1. I feel so blessed to have a job, when there are so many without one……
    Although I have no job to give….I have so many customers that do….
    I will always try and help.
    The good news is that Eddie found a job and he started today :-)