Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Mask of Glamour

Well, for those of you who are tuning in to find out how day number one with no coffee has gone just know that I have a headahce.  I'll tell you more in a later post, but first I want to say to each and every reader - you are a beautiful person! Don't stop reading just because it got super cheesy - read me out.  Whether you feel like it or not, you really are an amazing, beautiful, and glamorous person- not just when you put on your best suit or gown, but right here and now as you sit in front a computer. This is a time of year when a lot of people are struggling to lose weight and do an almost total makeover.  Well, in this entry I want to share a simple way of feeling glamorous, even if it's when no one else sees...

The mask you see in the picture is one of my favorite masks.  I got it at Old Navy for under two bucks as a stocking stuffer to myself this past Christmas.  I love, love, love it.  Each night as I'm going through the steps of my bedtime routine, I come to this mask last.  After everything else is completed and I'm turning the lights off, I slip this shiny blue transformer over my eyes.  Ahhhh......in an instant, I feel like one of Hollywood's leading glamour girls.  Sam makes fun of me for how much I love this mask, but I just can't emphasize enough how fabulous I feel once I have it on.  I'm suddenly "Heather Gent, movie star" and my bed is clothed in silk sheets.  Everything fades to black and I become a sleeping beauty.  It is truly superb!

I share this with you because I know this time of year is hard on a lot of people. Recovering from the holiday season is not only tough financially, but also physically.  For those of you who don't struggle in either area, then by all means, may God continue to bless you.  However, for the majority - it's tough!  I'm now planning to start a collection of these fancy schmansy little masks and go to bed each night in a new shade of glamour.  The point is - do something for yourself each day that makes you feel wonderful.  Don't get dragged down into a puddle of low self-esteem.   Embrace yourself for the beautiful person you are, but when that seems too challening, then do something else. For me, it's a silly little mask I go to sleep wearing, but for you it may be a pair of earings, a new suit, or certain fragrance.  Colognes and perfumes are also pretty amazing tools with which to equip your inner sense of beauty with success.  The point is - try something new. Get in touch with whatever silly thing might make you feel rock star fabulous. 

Even though I go to sleep immediately after putting on my favorite glamour tool, I also feel a sense of beauty when I take it off each morning. It's like a movie star is stepping out of my bed to face the day.  Most of the time I don't even take it all the way off immediately.  I usually leave it on, but pulled up above my eyes while I stumble sleepily around in the mornings.  I feel like how the name Zsa Zsa Gabor sounds. My next mask?  I'm on the prowl for a pink satin mask lined with fur.  I can't wait!

Spend some time today thinking about what makes you feel beautiful, or even glamorous if you dare.   Once you pin an idea or object down, don't wait to start adding it to your daily routine.  If you do it often enough, I promise you'll start to see a difference in how you feel and what you see when you look in the mirror.  Eventually, it wont even be something you need to feel beautiful.  You'll just already know that you are.

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