Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Show Me the Way

Over the years, I've often teased my 20 year older husband about his taste in music, and one night not long ago when I had to borrow his iPod was no exception.  As I headed out to the fitness room, I playfully poked at what I might hear when I turned it on, never dreaming that what I heard would be the inspiration for what I now write.  As I listened to Styx when they came up in the queue, I found myself not only smiling, but also senselessly singing along - at least until I remembered there were other people in the room.  Most intriguing to me as the words rolled across my tongue was the lyrical parallel to my life as I frequently find myself asking God to show me the way.  I am ever aware of my weaknesses, especially my internal navigation system for the future, which seems to recalculate on every whim.  More than once I've messed things up, gotten ahead of God, and fallen because of it all, but at a time in my walk with Him when I feel strong in my faith and discerning of His voice, I recently found myself feeling dejected over my ceaseless questioning regarding days ahead. It was in this low moment, however, that He gently reminded me that the day I stop asking Him to show me the way is the day I'll actually lose my way.