Sunday, February 13, 2011

One Moment in Time

I've recently been finding myself taking mental note of specific moments throughout the day, and several days ago, I found myself in a moment that I didn't want to end. The phrase "one moment in time" popped into my mind and I knew it would ultimately be a title to some random day's blog entry, but I didn't know when.  Today seems to be that day.  The moment I found myself in was a hug with my son.  His birthday is this week and though he's only turning six, I felt an overwhelming sense of both happiness and sadness and I didn't want to let him go.  I felt my eyes start to fill with water as I hugged him tightly and I realized then that I wasn't just in a day or month of some given year;  I was in a very special moment in time. 

Though I was warmed by the sweet embrace of my child, it's true that I felt saddened.  Saddened from what?  Passing years, I guess.  "Where has the time gone," I silently wondered.  I didn't want to let him go even when he started to pull away.  I'm so excited for him that he's turning six and that a whole new world of cub scouts and play dates is about to begin, but in that moment I missed him already.  I decided then that I wanted to savor every moment in time, not only with him but also with life in general.  The phrase has been on my mind so much lately that I finally decided to look up the lyrics to the actual One Moment in Time song by Whitney Houston.  I wondered if the song described whatever it was I was feeling in my own moment. 

As it turned out, I already had the song on my iPod, so to get a better feel for what it all meant, I opted for a bike ride in the sun.  As I pulled my bike out of the garage, I was instantly warmed by the yellow rays beaming down on me from the sky.  I looked up and closed my eyes, took a deep breath in, and smiled;  it was a beautiful day, and the sky looked almost exactly like the one in the picture above.  I clumsily mounted the uncomfortable seat and started to pedal.  As the wind blew through my hair and the sun kissed my face, I felt beautiful;  it was another moment in time with God's amazing creation that I didn't want to end.  I looked around in awe at the green grass and colorful assortment of flowers, as I inhaled the mystical fragrance of plants that only He could have implanted.  "What an amazing moment in time this is," I thought.  As I continued to ride, I listened to Whitney Houston's song again and again - and again.

Every word from the song (for a link to lyrics, see below) touched my entire spirit and I was filled with wonder.  How was it possible for that one moment in the sunshine to make me feel so beautiful?  How was it possible for a time span of almost six years to flash before my eyes as I hugged my son for only a moment?  In the words of Whitney Houston, I wonder how each day I live can be a day to give the best of me.  What amazing moments will make up such days, and will I notice them when they come?  Do I find myself in moments or am I choosing them?

I don't know what moments you're faced with each day, but I do know that we can choose many of our moments.  I don't deny that we often find ourselves in moments that are out of our control, but for those that we do control, we should choose to make the moment as amazing as it can be.  Let God be involved in your every moment throughout the day.  Look at the world through His eyes and see people how He sees them.  Watch the sun set, count the stars until you lose track, and smell the flowers as you pass by.  Smile at someone you pass on the street - you could have just given them their own special moment in time.  Stop and really notice the moments in time that make up your own days! 

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