Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Day of Small Beginnings

Have you ever noticed that you're the least successful person in the room at an event or gathering?  Let's say you walk in to your ten or twenty year reunion and you're surrounded by doctors, lawyers, and entrepreneurs; yet there you stand - still wandering through the "undecided" realm of life.  You're kind of in-between jobs right now and as for future plans, you're just not having any luck with making things happen.  As Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion floats through your mind, you actually contemplate duplicating Romy and Michelle's plot to hatch a story about a success that doesn't exist.  On the other hand, maybe at that same gathering you're the most successful.  You reside in the upper east section of town with your spouse, two perfect children, and small mansion while enjoying a seven figure income from your employment with one of Forbes' top ranked companies. Your picture may even be splashed across newspapers and magazines.  Have you also ever stopped to notice that regardless of which group you fall into, we all came from the same small beginning?
It's not uncommon for us to look at the accomplishments of others and wish we had what they have.  We even daydream about what someone else's life might be like, but daydreaming about their life isn't what will change our own.  At a time when I'm wholeheartedly following God through life and trusting in a plan I can't yet see in it's entirety, I'm seeing just how big our day of small beginnings really is.  God has been using me lately in ways that excite me on never before felt levels, but on my end I'm only doing the seemingly "little things."  "God, when do I get to do the bigger things?  When can I help more than just a few people?" I've occasionally asked of Him.  His response was simple: "when you learn to first do the little things of which I ask you."  In other words, God isn't going to entrust us with helping 10,000 people if we're not even willing to help the one down the street. 

Since the time I finally realized God was calling me to serve Him, I've become aware of the ways in which He's using me.  I'm now able to see the opportunities he plants in everyday situations and I'm becoming more sensitive to His promptings, but He's definitely not overloading me with "big" things - at least not "big" to me.  For example, not long ago He asked me to do something for someone whom I don't even know in another state.  It was an amazing opportunity to let Him work through me to help someone else; I was so excited and could barely contain it.  However, I may never know what impact my actions had on the other person.  Am I okay with that?  Yes.  If I wasn't okay with it, then that would make the entire act about me and my own gratification rather than the healing and encouragement that God intended for the recipient.  It was a little, seemingly insignificant gesture on my part, but the more I get to know God, the more I know it left a big mark on the receiver. 

I could have said "Ummm...God, I really don't feel like doing this because I wont know how things turn out, so I'm just gonna pass, but hey - let me know when ya want to give me something that shows me results!" but had I said that He wouldn't have asked me to do the next "small" thing that was just a little bit bigger than the last, and then the next and the next after that.  With each new thing God asks of me, I'm seeing that He's entrusting me with just a little bit more each time.  God will use us to do amazing things, but we have to first be willing to do the "little things" that He asks. 

It's the same with any calling on your own life.  If you don't know where to go or you're still circling the "undecided" group at get togethers, just start taking small steps as you ask God for His guidance.  Don't daydream about someone else's life, start dreaming dreams into your own life!  If you're bogged down by the "I'm too old to start something new" syndrome, then get over yourself; if you're still breathing, then you're not too old!  It's not about us or our age.  It's about God and He knows exactly how old we are.  If you've been in trouble and have a list of offenses a mile long, then you're letting paper and ink keep you down; our slate with God is wiped clean when we ask Him for forgiveness.  If you've sampled a bite from multiple paths that seemed to lead to success but found a brick wall instead, then find a new path - God's path. 

The point is, we all had a day of small beginnings when we came into this world and we'll have many more as long as we live.  When you find yourself in a small begining, don't get impatient if things aren't moving fast enough.  Let yourself become excited over the unknown.  Do the little things that God asks of you if you ever want Him to ask you to do bigger.  There's an innocence and joyous excitement in the day of small beginnings.  May you all enjoy your day of small beginnings and know that what's small to you is BIG to God!

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